What is the best bike to ride? The absolutely complete guide

In addition to being aware of the capacity of your pocket,it is essential to know the various types of bicycles available to be able to identify the one that will be most suitable for your use. Visit this link to gain more ideas: Best Bikes for College Commutes

There is no point in buying a Speed ​​bike for pure consumerism if you are only going to use the skinny one to get home from work.

Once the bike model has been identified (we will talk about the models below), the second step to find out which bike is best for cycling is to identify the proper size of your bike.

In Brazil, recreational bikes use a standard size for people between 1.65m and 1.85m tall.

If your height is outside this range, buy the bike at a specialized store, with guidance from a specialist dealer. For some sizes, it will be inevitable to have to import the bicycle. In any case, never buy a bike that is not suitable for your size.

what is the best bike to ride? Top bicycle models

Urban or Mobility

They are bicycles built for urban commuting or for simple recreation. Buy this model if the main use of the bike will be for commuting in-the city or for walks in parks and bike paths. The focus of the frame is on comfort and stability, not on aerodynamic performance. Just like a car, these bikes can have accessories like mudguards, luggage rack, headlamp, flashlight,rear view mirrors etc. Manufacturers are currently offering simple,single-speed models to simplify maintenance and lower costs.

Mountain bike

Originally they are bicycles manufactured for use in the land, but they can be used in any terrain and in any condition. The simple stones have only front suspension and the most sophisticated ones, also at the rear.

Speed ​​or Race Bike

Speed ​​bikes were created for racing. So they are lightweight,with very thin tires and high pressure. The adhesion to the ground is less,since the focus is on speed. They should only be used on smooth asphalt, never on land or on rough terrain.

BMX or Bicicross

Bicicross is a sport created in the 1950s in the Netherlands, which involves rugged dirt tracks, with ramps and steep curves. It can be practiced in the race or maneuver mode.

BMX bikes are specific to this type of sport, with thicker tires and a smaller frame, facilitating jumps and maneuvers.

Electric Bicycle

Electric bicycles can reach a speed of 25km / h and travel distances of up to 40km, with a cost of kilometer run below 5 cents. However,the battery has to be changed on average every 18 months on most models, which can be expensive.